Our creative manifesto is simple: we invest in artists from the ground up

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Uncle Frank 'Maximum Respect'

Uncle Frank
‘Maximum Respect’

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Mollie Marriott
‘A Million Miles’

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Jim Stapley 'We Found Love'

Jim Stapley
‘We Found Love’

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Alexander Wolfe ' Into The Deep'

Alexander Wolfe
‘Into The Deep’

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About MITA 

Our philosophy revolves around combining the old and new models of the music business.

In an ever changing industry where the long tail is becoming the norm, we embrace the new music business, but still maintain our traditional roots in the old school, where building talent from the ground up is key.

We have distribution (both physical and digital) in all the key worldwide territories, and we have built strong, collaborative partnerships with radio, press and online teams in all of them.

For us, it’s simple, it’s all about music, people and making key investments in our artists on a long-term basis. In every artist we sign, we strongly believe in building a grassroots fan-base from the ground up.

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